Wednesday, 8 December 2010

More Snow

The heavy snowfall in Scotland is still with us and has had a bad effect on everyones life here with people unable to work, drive, get public transport, power cuts etc etc. We have a POW weekend coming up this week and judging by the state of the roads very few people will be able to attend if the site can open so given the fact i've literally been stuck at home for nearly two weeks now i've not got much to tell you guys, unless you're interested in my new toy that is?

I've bought myself a new PPSH41 by Hexagon Productions which cost me £279 and will be my primary weapon for my new WWII German loadout in 2011. I'll be wearing either an SS or Wermacht loadout from the Eastern Front with a captured Soviet weapon. So would you guys like to see a video review of the PPSH41 in full HD format, hmmm?

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

P.O.W, Snow and Facebook

The gameday on Sunday was knee deep in snow with travelling to and from the site very difficult but there was still a good number of hardy players who turned up and played until midday by which time it was decided to call a halt and allow people a safe journey home in daylight. The site itself looked beautiful in the snow and several of the guys were in full WWII German winter loadouts which looked awesome.

P.O.W now has its very own Facebook page being run by yours truly and fully endorsed by the guys who own and run Players of War. If you haven't become a fan already then here's the link..

The Facebook page has some cracking photographs and discussions posted so get over there and get involved in the P.O.W community. Remember there will be a P.O.W HD YouTube channel up and running early next year. Exact dates on an official launch will follow.

Monday, 22 November 2010

P.O.W Channel Launch

Hey all...

Since my last Blog entry there has been an exciting new development and as a result i've ditched the keiths Airsoft Guide channel to allow me time to work on the new project. All airsoft relevant material; gun/kit reviews, tutorials, skirmishes etc will be on the Airsoft Grenadier channel without the need for any additional channels. Its just much easier this way!

So whats the new project i hear you ask!! Players of War Airsoft have their own YouTube channel which was only ever used to watch videos, post comments etc but they have now given that channel to me and asked me to develop it as a subscription/viewer channel and make HD videos to display on YouTube. What that means for you airsoft fans is that you can subscribe to an official Players of War Airsoft channel and watch yet more HD movies of your favourite site with behind the scenes footage, interviews, combat and more. That means twice as much airsoft to watch, an official Facebook Fanpage for you to join and lots of information about the site and its players. What airsoft fan wouldn't want to subscribe!?!

There are no videos at the moment and the official channel launch is scheduled for January 2011, by which time filming will be well under way and the channel artwork designed, but if you would like to get subscribed early and not miss the first videos going online then you can subscribe here and be among the first viewers to see the new material. Remember this is the Official P.O.W channel and is fully endorsed by the site.

Happy airsofting


Monday, 15 November 2010

14.11.2010 Game Day at P.O.W

Predictablly the weather was very cold and wet and the result was a turnout of about 40 players which is low for POW. Some sites struggle to get 20 players on a regular basis so its testament to POWs popularity that a low turnout is 40 hardened airsofters who want to shoot the crap out of each other in bad weather. The low numbers actually made for an excellent day and it began with a morning long MilSim where the German Team had to transport a wounded stretcher patient through hostile territory to their objective. This was an old fashioned steel framed stretcher with heavy canvas bedding and a weighted dummy to represent the casualty. It weighed a fucking ton and we had to wade through swamps, over ditches, walls and through thick forest. We got there and achieved our goal but i think every player who took turns carrying that bloody stretcher is still aching from it today. After this game i was soaking all day long and just could not warm up no matter how much i ran about. It really brought home the effort and dedication that military medical personnel exhibit throughout history. No wonder enemies have always favoured wounding their opponents rather than killing them. A wounded soldier takes up valuable manpower and energy to evacuate and just imagine those poor stretcher bearers of the First World War having to wade through the mud of the Western Front with casualty after casualty. True heroes!!

The afternoon was a mix of games and varied objectives so i got the camera out and filmed some footage and took photos. The new vid is up already so pop over to YouTube and watch if you haven't already and below are some of the photos from the day.


Cameron with a fantastic 'between the eyes' wound!

Friday, 5 November 2010

The Weekend

Well its been a fairly quick week back at work after POW and it should hopefully be a great weekend. Tonight is Bonfire night in the U.K where we comemorate the attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament. This event is symbolised with firework displays and huge Bonfires all around the country. If the rain clears it should be a great event in my home town of Dunfermline and i'll get some photos and film for YouTube if the rain doesn't dampen things down.

On Sunday night i'm going into town for a few beers with a good friend who has recently moved into the area, Stu or Icarus as he known, and who has also been seen in several of Scouts videos. Stu came to POW in modern kit but really got into the WWII scene so i sold him some of my surplus German gear and he has since added further kit to that to give him several different loadouts. He also has some fantastic weaponry. A graphic designer by profession it was Stu who designed my YT page and jazzed up the photo you see below to give it an authentic WWII look. The photo shows the victorious German players after we routed the allied team at a MilSim just a few months ago.

Just click to enlarge

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Great day at P.O.W

Well i had great fun today at POW having not been for two months now with holidays and illness. Since i've been away the safe zone has been upgraded with seating and the site is developing into a fantastic Airsoft site. The move from the old to new site has been well worth all the hassle the site owners had to go through. I'll be posting up a Youtube video in due course but here are some pics to wet your apetite until then....

Friday, 29 October 2010

P.O.W on Sunday

Finally another POW weekend has come around again and i'll have a chance to get my new camera out into the field and get some HD skirmish footage for youtube. The weather has been very changeable the past few weeks so i've no idea what conditions to expect on Sunday but will plan on it being awful and wet. There's no real plan on who or what i want to film its really just a matter of seeing who's there and watching how the gameplay develops. One player i haven't seen in a while is Dru918 so hopefully i'll see him soon and get him stalking his prey in full HD glory.

There are no new products to review. TLSFx didn't send the new grenade they had promised and i haven't heard from the guys at ReconRag about further reviews yet although you can see my review of the Ares M60 in the latest edition. I'll be in my modern British gear this weekend with L85 and camera so look forward to some action going up on YouTube soon guys!!

Friday, 22 October 2010

New Videos

So i found some old pyro lying around and noticing the volume of questions i'm getting about what the TLSFx stuff is made from and where it can be found in the States i managed to throw a couple of videos together to hopefully answer these questions. Silly me though, despite stating how to go about searching for them on U.S soil and providing the link to the U.K company and the U.S supplier, i'm still being asked "Can you get these in the U.S?"...D'oh!!!!

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Well as the title suggests i'm feeling rather gutted today as i was meant to be going to P.O.W today to play and get lots of footage on my new HD camera for you guys to watch. I spent Saturday charging my batteries, sorting out my kit, cleaning my AEG and making up food to take with me. I went to bed around 11pm on saturday night and within an hour i was feeling pretty lousy and ended up spending the night being sick and getting no sleep.

This means it will be another two weeks before i can record airsoft skirmishes so i'll have to try and think of an airsoft related video i can make at home. Any ideas?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New HD Channel

In the past week my Airsoft Grenadier channel has gone over 400,000 video views overall and is now also approaching 15,000 subscribers. Needless to say i'm very pleased with that and immensely grateful to all my subscribers and viewers. I've got a wee while to go before i can think about comparing myself to my friend scoutthedoggie and i doubt i'll ever achieve his fame but, who knows, maybe sometime soon i'll get a partnership and start seeing some of my videos being featured.

The HD footage i put up seems to be well received with the general consensus of opinion pointing towards a new channel of HD Scottish scenery and the airsoft channel being left for HD airsoft. Not everyone has said that but it does form the majority of opinions voiced. So, as if by magic, the new channel is up and running and although is in its infancy i think it will do well over time. It currently only has 3 films although i will try and film as often as work allows and aim to upload at least a couple of films per month. Being a channel featuring landscapes, historical buildings and places etc, etc i will have to rely on travelling around and filming so it will obviously take time and planning to make each video.

For those of you who would like to see beautiful scenery, historical places and interesting venues you can subscribe to the new channel at where all your support and comments will be greatfully received.



Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hi-Def Videos

So what do you guys think of the new HD footage i shot? I took that on my break up north in Sutherland, Scotland. The Falls of Shin are famous for the leaping Salmon although i was up at the wrong time of year to see any. It has given me an idea though and was inspired by some very nice comments and emails from my Airsoft Grenadier viewers.

Many of my viewers have never been to Scotland and only really see footage of game play at airsoft sites. Many have also said they would love to visit Scotland to play airsoft but also to see the country. So here's the question.."Do you guys want to see some Hi-Def footage shot of places of interest in Scotland and put up on my Airsoft Grenadier channel or on a new channel created solely for the purpose?"

I could shoot film of amazing scenerey, cities, castles, cathedrals, battlefields etc etc and it would be up to you guys to decide how you would like it shown i.e with music, with commentary from me or with nothing other than native background noise.

Over to you guys, please let me know what you want to see.


Friday, 17 September 2010

KeithHPOW and HD

POW Airsoft is running its regular game day this coming Sunday however i won't be there. I'll be on a short break up in the Scottish Highlands to get some peace and quiet, well, as much peace and quiet as you can get with wife, baby son and in-laws!! It will be great fun though and i really need a break from work.

I have also finally taken the plunge and upgraded from my Panasonic HDD Camcorder to a Panasonic Lumix HD camera which i will be taking up north and experimenting with. I am also experimenting with other forms of editing software which i have not yet got to grips with but hey, its a learning experience eh! The reason for the upgrade is because my channel is growing at a fairly rapid rate and something that was only ever intended to be a fairly low key side hobby to airsoft is turning into an expensive past time but a possible business venture with products being sent to me for review, being invited to write magazine articles and hopefully, at some point, a YouTube partnership so that i can recoup the costs of making these YT videos and upgrade even further to better equipment, PC, software etc. With such a huge viewing audience now people expect HD and great footage so i hope to deliver better videos very soon. Expect to see some experimental videos going up as i navigate my way around filming and editing HD films.

Watch this space for more news on the HD project.


Monday, 6 September 2010

CidaSoft and Recon-Rag

Well i finally gave in to temptation and got myself the modern British loadout that i've been eyeing up ever since getting into the WWII airsoft scene and vowing i'd never 'go modern'. With my AA L85 it would have been a shame not to have bought Brit kit and i'm really pleased i did. As much as i have enjoyed the WWII kit its just so much more comfortable and easier to move with modern materials and equipment and if you want to see what it looks like then you can see me wearing it whislt i review the ARES M60-E4 for Recon-Rag.

The guys at Recon-Rag gave me the M60 to trial it and write up a review for the magazine which i have done and also a video review. The gun surprised me as i thought i'd hate it but actually had immense fun skirmishing with it and watching as my BBs mowed down the enemy. It wasn't as heavy as i thought it would be and it was pretty accurate with a decent rate of fire. It was averaging about 340FPS and hitting targets out to 50 metres away. I wouldnt personally want to own a support gun but it was a pleasure to have it for a few games. The written review should be in the next issue of Recon-Rag and Mike who works on the magazine has said he'll get me to review more airsoft kit in future. I can't wait!!

The CidaSoft review is also up and i have to say i was surprised at how effectively it worked. The explosive effect was very impressive but with the time taken to make up the grenade, retrieve the parts, wash them and then re-make the grenade again i'd be put off having to purchase the device. Too much hassle for my liking and there were also a lot of sharp, nasty pieces of brittle plastic left behind which could cause injury. A great idea for countries where Pyro is banned but i can't see this being popular in the U.K airsoft or paintball arena.

I won't make it to the next POW game day as i'm planning a short break up the north of Scotland that weekend but i've made another video for the main channel which features footage of a long patrol into enemy territory and a battle at the end of it. Its longer than usual at about 12 minutes so we'll see what reception it gets from viewers when i post it. There's some nice footage of my friends Ryan and Steve or 'Private Ryan' and 'Sloth King Steve' as they are commonly known on the forums and Scouts videos.

Speaking of scout he has filmed me a few times lately so we'll see if i'm in any forth coming videos in my new British gear.

Enjoy the videos.


Friday, 13 August 2010

MilSim and Free goodies to review

On the 1st August POW held one of their MilSim events with a reenactment of the WWII Battle of Hurtgen Forest and with a turnout of roughly 30 or so players per side in period kit it was looking like being a good day. Good day is a bit of an understatement however as it proved to be the best days skirmishing i have ever had and many many others said the same thing. The day started out with the Germans defending key locations and subject to an assault by Allied forces. The attacks were half hearted and poorly executed so the Germans had no real problems and then counter-attacked in the afternoon and swept aside all Allied resistance. The German forces were so good that Alied players actually just gave up towards the end and the site owners called the game over before it was due to finish. It was all down to great team work and keeping the pressure on the enemy.

Here's me in my German kit during a short respite in the battle..

The CidaSoft grenades have been reviewed and i already have a teaser/unboxing video up for guys to get a sneak peak of what i got and you can expect the full review up soon. I won't go into detail on the Blog but i'm not sure what to make of this grenade, its unusual compared to the pyro i'm used to but it does have its uses.

I also have an M60-E4 from AirsoftWorld which i'm reviewing for an article in Recon-Rag and my youtube channel. Its an impressive AEG and i was surprised by how much i actually enjoyed skirmishing with it. I had been convinced i wouldn't like it as i'm not a support gun fan so lets just say i was pleasantly surprised. Here's hoping that AirsoftWorld recognise the power of YouTube and give me a few more to review after this one eh!!

Many thanks to the guys at AirsoftWorld and Recon-Rag


Friday, 2 July 2010

Been a while!!

As the title says its been a while since i posted so i thought i'd give an update on developments. Friday 18th June 2010 our son Calum was born, 7.14lbs and very healthy. As you can imagine both my wife and i are thrilled at being parents and getting used to late night feeds, nappy changes and a never ending stream of visitors coming round to see him. He's a bit young for airsoft but who knows what he'll be into when he's older.

Airsoft wise i was at POW last weekend and captured some action which was posted up and then seemed to trigger a whole argument about airsoft vs paintball. No idea how it started but the amount of asshole comments was unbelievable so i ended up deleting about 20 comments in total and blocking about a dozen people. I'm actually really pleased with the video and most comments are great but its amazing how nothing at all sparks off huge arguments on YouTube videos.

I'm sure by now many will have noticed a change to my channel artwork. It was done by a good friend of mine at POW called Stu who owns a graphic design company called Ikara Design. He has done a fabulous job and i'm immensly proud of how it looks. So much so that i actually bought myself a new widescreen monitor to show it off properly.

I've now finished with the range of TLSFx products i was sent so here's hoping they send some more!! I have received a parcel from Tiawan containing a new type of grenade from a company called CidaSoft who want me to do a review on it. Its very different from what we use in the UK so i'm sure it will make an interesting video. Personally i think it may be more suited to paintball but i'll give my opinion on it properlly whilst filming.

Anyway, i'll update everyone soon!!


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Airsoft Fanpage Press Release

Airsoft Squared Launches Invitation-Only Beta. Be part of it. (2000 invites)

Today, Airsoft Squared is debuting the Private Beta version of its brand new web service dedicated to Airsoft players. Wanna give it a whirl? The first 2000 respondents will receive invitations to test drive this promising project. Simply head on over here and complete the form at to grab your invites.

All respondents will receive access to the Airsoft Squared program. Their Beta program is expanding fast. If you're not in the first 2000, share your info as well and you'll be sent an invite over the next few weeks. Follow their feed until launching

Beta request page:

Airsoft Squared Facebook page:

Airsoft community Facebook page:

Twitter account:

Partnerships and Press releases:

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

TLSFx, YouTube and Haters


Not been on for a wee while as work has been really busy and my spare time went into putting up the videos i'd made. So whats new? The TLSFx PYRO that i was sent has all been used, reviewed and, apart from the hand grenades, already up on YouTube. The question being asked on all the pyro videos is; 'Can i get this in the U.S?' Well, TLSFx pyro is available in the U.S but the problem is individual State Laws so its not widespread in the U.S and despite trying, i still cant find out who is retailling the stuff. The only pyro that isn't available, yet, is the 3rd Gen Pyro however TLSFx are working on that. The whole point of my videos was to try and help with that process and get a little more U.S exposure. It's widely available in the U.K though guys.

My latest video on the keithHPOW channel shows a little of scoutthedoggie playing airsoft. Its had a funny effect on some viewers. Scout is a friend of mine and as we both film at POW it was a matter of time before i got a little film of him. Many viewers are delighted to see him but there are a few who seem downright offended that i've filmed him and i've had a few asshole comments because of it. Blocked them all of course but i'm miffed at why they are offended. I've come to the conclusion that its jealousy. One guy said i had no right to film him because his videos are 50x better than mine. I'd agree that scouts videos are infinitely better than mine, he has done this a hell of a lot longer than me and its from scout that i've developed my own passion for YouTube videos. I'm very much a rank amatuer hobbyist with very basic equipment and never claimed to be anything other than that. So as for the Haters, trolls etc...keep hating guys and i'll keep blocking you, its your problem and not mine LOL. I'll keep on playing and filming airsoft ;)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Airsoft Fanpage

I've been in touch with Thomas who runs Airsoft Fanpage. Its a fantastic idea! I would suggest quite strongly that you guys should read this and go check out the links and follow this fanpage. What airsofter wouldn't want to be part of this growing community???

Press Release: Airsoft Fanpage.

Publication Date: 17/05/2010



The Airsoft Hub connects Teams & Players on Facebook

Started from scratch in February 2010, the Airsoft Hub is born of a simple idea: leveraging Facebook and reach a critical mass of fans to connect Airsoft players and teams. Thanks to the contribution of its 27 000 members, the Airsoft Hub is now simply the fastest growing Airsoft fanpage on Facebook and one of the most active community online.

The Airsoft Hub offers simple features such as news, reviews, forums, ingame photos and tactical resources thanks to partnerships with big players. As Airsoft is becoming mainstream, we think it's now time to take the Community to the next level. We are now focusing on new features such as an Airsoft products Marketplace and an International Airsoft Events Calendar.

To join our community and help us building the most awesome Airsoft community:

Visit our fanpage on and click on I like.

Partnerships and Press releases:


Key Numbers:

27200 members in 4 months

300 new members everyday

10% growth every month

20 partners / blogosphere and ecommerce

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Hey guys

Over the past couple of days i've managed to break through 200,000 video views and 8000 subscribers on YouTube so i'm really quite happy and just to top it off i've got myself a new WWII gun, the AGM MP40. I know, i know, i had one before but i missed it so much i've decided to buy another one and focus my German loadout around that gun. I'll still be wearing my Elite SS gear but i've got rid of the Grenadier pouches and replaced them with MP40 pouches. The grenades will be stored in my bread bag instead and it gives me a much better loadout for running around and clambering through bushes and over obstacles. You can expect a video review of my MP40 in the next couple of weeks along with more action videos and Outtakes.

I am also being sent some fantastic 3rd Generation Pyrotechnics by TLSFx as well as a new reusable grenade which is not yet on the market. Once i've had a chance to look at this stuff i'll be posting up reviews on my main channel so the series on Pyrotechnics will be added to again. Airsoftworld in Scotland stocks the TLSFx German stick grenades so i'll also be reviewing those shortly too.

Players of War will be on again next Sunday, thats Sun 16th May, so i'll be there to film and play however, there wont be any new videos up from that game until midweek as i'm leaving the gameday early and travelling up into the Highlands for a few days to have a relaxing break which realistically means i'll be eating and drinking and enjoying the peace and quiet. It's really just to give my wife a short break before the baby comes and we're hoping we can get a proper foreign holiday sometime next year. The last time we went on holiday was May last year when we visited Turkey with my in-laws whom i have a great relationship with. Just like going on holiday with friends really. Turkey was fantastic, great weather, great people, great food, great local beers and being a history nerd there was tonnes of cool things to see including the ancient city of Ephesus with its massive amphitheatres, public buildings and roads etc. The year before that was our Honeymoon to Mexico where we stayed on the Riviera Maya for two weeks and previous years we went to Spain and Crete. I think next year my wife fancies a Greek or Spanish island which would be great. As well as good weather, food etc i know the Greeks and Spaniards love airsoft!!!

Catch you later guys


Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Fort

This coming Sunday, 25th April, sees the reopening of The Fort airsoft site at Cluny Clays in Fife, Scotland. This site is owned and operated by the guys who run Airsoftworld and has achieved great fame with the help of scoutthedoggies videos. The Fort has been closed for over a year now so this will be a chance for me to play and film at a site i've heard so much about and only ever seen the site through scouts videos. I can't wait!!

Last Sunday was a POW weekend with a large turnout despite the very rainy start to the day. I managed to get a bit of filming done but to be honest got so caught up playing that i didn't film nearly as much as i had intended. I was in modern loadout with my L85 and a few extra magazines that were bought for my birthday. Normally i only cary 1 hi-cap for the L85 but with 4 hi-caps in total i was armed to the teeth and able to pour tonnes of beebs into the enemy. Great fun.

On the YouTube front i managed to break through the 7000 subscriber mark and its continuing to grow daily as are the strange questions i get asked. Its funny how people see you as a world authority on something because you've posted a couple of videos. People are constantly asking me to review more guns and gear despite having made it clear i'm not sponsored and can only review what i own personally. Some guys are even sending me up to 20 links for guns that they have seen and expect me to view them all individually and then give them a run down on the pro's and con's of each gun. It baffles me that they can spend all that time writing me emails with numerous links but cant use google!!

crazyNCman has started up a website which is a great idea,, and allows airsofters the ability to ask as many questions as they like and get answers/opinions from fellow airsofters. Check it out its a pretty good idea.

On the personal front its now only about 6 weeks until my son will be born. I'm looking forward to it although i'm obviously still a bit nervous as a first time Dad and having to watch my wife go through the ordeal of childbirth. I just hope all goes smoothly on the day! Will it affect my airsoft and filming? I will still be airsofting and filming but there will be times when i'll probably need to give it a miss so my wife gets a break, especially in the early months when the baby will be up through the night for feeding.

Anyway, looking forward to this Sunday at The Fort and getting some film of it up on YT.

CYA later guys!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New P.O.W site

Sunday 4th April 2010 was the official opening of the new site for P.O.W and what a bloody fantastic site it is. Its in the same woods as always but they have relocated and doubled the size of the overall gaming areas. We have lost the areas known as Bocage, Train Station, Church, Village and Fuel Dump but have kept Monte Wood. We now have an area which extends outwards from Monte and current developments include a bunker network and an area known as Jerry Island which is a fortification surrounded by a stream which gives a Moat and Castle type effect, very difficult to attack!!

The site owners have big plans for further development with hopes of a D'Day Beach Head among other ideas. This site will be even more of a world envy than it previously was. Now that the new site has opened i have decided to postpone 'Airsoft Week' until May so that i can capture as much film as possible of the new site. I promise it will be worth the wait guys!!!

And a funny moment from a game on Sunday....

I was on Red team and in my modern gear with my AA L85 which has an upgraded piston assembly. We were in the new bunker complex with Yellow team attacking us and i had a duel with a sniper who thought he could shoot me from a range i couldn't trouble him. He was aiming at me through a scope but couldn't hit me with his Dragunov rifle whilst my AA L85 was putting shots straight into his position and beyond and forcing him to move position and keep his head down. He was so pissed off that my AEG was outranging his sniper rifle that he complained to the site owners that i had a 'Hot' rifle. Ernie the site owner chroneod my L85 which registered 321FPS as an average. The site limit for AEGs is 350FPS and 500FPS for snipers. The sniper didn't feel so smart when Ernie showed him the chrono results LOL. Just goes to show that FPS isn't everything and that an AEG with good internals can put out BBs with fantastic range and accuaracy. My L85 is consistently shooting well in excess of 50 metres and is without doubt a brilliant AEG to skirmish with.


Friday, 2 April 2010

British Summertime

Summer is officially here with the changing of the clocks which makes it lighter for an hour longer at night. Don't ask..its something to do with farmers and harvests and livestock...i think!! All it means to me is that its the start of some better weather, hopefully, and my birthday is this month. Normally for birthdays and christmas i'd get some shiny new airsoft toys but with a baby on the way we are tightening the purse strings so my wife and i will probably head out for a nice meal together and i'll have a wee drink, or two...

This coming weekend is also an airsoft weekend so i'll be at POW again but haven't decided yet between modern or WWII kit. I'll decide on the day. I will have my camera with me so i'll be recording the action as it unfolds with footage for that night on YT and for later in the month for 'Airsoft Week'. When is it you ask!! I'll let you know in good time LOL.

The gaming areas at POW have been greatly expanded so i'll capture some footage of the new game zones for you guys. Its a huge expansion programme which will go on for some time and greatly improve the site overall. Can't wait to see it and play there as i've heard about some of the plans the site owners have.

Any questions guys just drop me a line ;)


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Airsoft Week

Advance notice of a YouTube event that i'm planning for an, as yet, unannounced date in April, Airsoft Week. This will be a full week, Monday to Sunday featuring daily uploads of mixed Airsoft action, kit reviews and other relevant material.

The dates have been chosen and some of the material intended for upload is already complete. More filming will be done between now and the intended start of Airsoft Week with the idea being to upload at least one video per day. Once Airsoft Week is over i'll determine just how successful the venture was and may well make it an event that will happen again.

Why am i doing this? Because i love filming airsoft videos and its as much an event for me as it will be for the guys who like watching my videos.

Stay tuned for more info!!


Friday, 19 March 2010

YouTube and POW

Hi again guys!!

The new channel on YouTube for outtakes has been pretty popular so far so thanks to all those who linked from here and subscribed. Admittedly when you compare the channel to my main movie channel the clips are not as good (YET). But you have to remember the intended content of this new channel, a home for unwanted and unused material that would otherwise be binned. Its being aired on the outtake channel because i know many out there would still like to see it no matter how mundane and random it may seem. Now that i've got a few subscribers on that channel i'll be improving the channel content as the subscriber base grows and adding many 'one-take' mini movies as well as the outtake material. These mini movies will be exclusive to that channel. So watch out this weekend for more uploaded material to my main movie page 'The Airsoft Grenadier' and new improved material on 'airsoftouttakes' as well as more random clips. All material will be from Players of War Airsoft in Bonnybridge, Scotland.

POW has been very good to me, not only have i been able to indulge in my passion for WWII and the military but i now have a successful YouTube channel built on all the filming i've done there. The hope i have is that i will be able to get YT Partner status at some point and invest a little money into better computer and software equipment to produce a far better finished article on YT. My current camera is great but i'm let down a little by an old PC system and basic software. I previously applied for YT Partner status when i had roughly 1200 subscribers and about 70,000 video views but was rejected. I think my video views overall fell short of what was required but i've since more than doubled that and currently have 5200+ subscribers. We'll see if that makes a difference!!

Anyway, its a POW Sunday this weekend so watch out for material appearing on both my channels by Monday evening at the latest ;)


Friday, 12 March 2010

New Airsoft Channel Launched

So whats new this week?

Well the last two videos posted are both from the same gameday at Players of War and feature action from a couple of different battles/games. 'The Airsoft Grenadier' YouTube channel has now smashed through the 5000 subscriber mark and steadily climbing upwards. A huge THANKYOU to ALL my subscribers as this channel looks like going from strength to strength with no sign of slowing down.

I've recorded a fair bit of footage since i started last year and much of what i didn't use on my YT channel was binned to keep my hard drive clear for new material. I had the idea of putting my uneditted and raw outtakes up on YouTube on another channel to let you guys see more of what goes on at POW and all the wee things you generally don't see. So the new channel was launched today with a few clips to get it started and please remember it's not airsoft movies you are watching it's purely outtakes. That means it is nothing more than lots of clips that were not included in my main Airsoft movies for one reason or another. Clips will range from several seconds in length to several minutes and will be added to after every game day at POW. These will be a mixture of 'behind the scenes' 'action' 'bloopers' and 'informal moments'.

The channel is called 'airsoftouttakes' so check out..

Please subscribe guys and have a look at the videos. Your ratings, comments and support are valued greatly and this channel will get bigger and better just as 'The Airsoft Grenadier' did.


Friday, 5 March 2010

Winter Blues

Well thankfully there seems to be an improvement in the weather in the UK, the part i'm in anyway!! Since December its been very cold with frequent snow which has kept me at home and unable to work on quite a few occassions. The past week has actually had a few good spells of sunshine and even though you can still see snow on the hill tops it just feels so much nicer to have the sun out. I'm a summer person and hate winter. I'm certain i have that S.A.D syndrome that i hear 'experts' talking about.

The past few weeks have seen me busier at work again with the improvement in the weather and out of the blue an obsession with keep fit. I've always been fit and keep active but its been a real obsession lately with circuit training, running, walking really long distances and strict nutrition. I haven't been out for a pint in ages now LOL and i can't even explain where the sudden obsession came from.

On the airsoft front i've got POW this coming Sunday. I'll be there in modern kit for a change with my L85. As much as i love my German WWII kit its very heavy and awkward and doesn't allow me to throw myself around in the manner i'd like to so i'll be lightly clothed and armed for a change. The funny thing is that very few people recognise me at POW out of the WWII gear so i'll try to be as anonymous as possible. I'll have the camera with me so will get as much footage as possible. Here's hoping the good weather keeps up.

I didn't get time to put another video up on YT this week, a combination of work and exercising like an idiot has not allowed me enough time to do it however, more POW Combat this weekend guys!!!

Stay tuned!!!!!


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Game Day on Sunday

Sunday at POW was great fun as always and the footage i shot has been edited and uploaded to YouTube. Its proving to be very popular again, so much so that the view counter keeps crashing every few hours but 1000 views in 24hours, Christ only knows why i'm not a YT Partner!!

The day itself was VERY cold and because we had such a big turn out, 84 players in total, it took a bit longer between games to get people moving and ready for another game. We played two games in the morning, the traditional Red Vs Yellow games which lasted about an hour each. The battles were very intense, lots of players, lots of smoke, lots of grenades and lots of fun. Both teams got a victory each and then in the afternoon it was a long game, WWII players versus Modern players. The WWII guys normally win these games quite convincingly but the Moderns really had their shit together on Sunday and scored a great victory over their old enemy. With so many players on site you get the odd argument over hit dodging and rule infractions and Sunday was no different. Nothing major and it was all settled with no hard feelings in the end.

Scoutthedoggie was in attendance as usual and played a fair bit of airsoft whilst filming with his head mounted Tachyon camera and his new Type97 assault rifle. I asked him how it was performing and he seemed reasonably happy with it. Its a good looking gun and reminds me of my own L85 in that its a Bullpup design and sits very comfortably in the shoulder. Scout has some footage up already of Sundays game and the quality and clarity of his filming never ceases to amaze me. Think i'll have to invest in one of those Mac laptops with the imovie software, very impressive stuff and i notice its what BigBoss uses too.

Anyway, i'm just about to start a long day of babysitting my 1 year old nephew who's great fun but tiring as he's teething so i'd best be off.

Till next time guys!!


Monday, 15 February 2010

A busy week

Hey guys.

Well since my last post its been a very busy week. Work has kept me away from YouTube so i haven't had the time to organise any more filming for Airsoft videos but the good thing is that this coming Sunday is another POW day out so i'll have my camera with me to record some of the action for you. The last video was just a brief piece showing Dru and Stu preparing for the advancing enemy and it seems to have been popular. Lots of people have asked me for informal or 'out of play' footage so it fits the bill.

I know that many people are looking at this Blog but so far i only have two subscribers or followers. Please sign up to follow me if you have a Blogger account guys and in the event i have a following then i will add much more to this and provide you guys with exclusive news, reviews, photos etc.

I now have another YouTube channel up and running. Its in its infancy and only has a couple of uploads. More will be following very shortly. It also has nothing to do with airsoft and is one of at least 2 non airsoft related channels that are being launched this year.

Stay tuned for more announcements on this and its only Bloggers who are being given advance notice of new developments and ideas.


Friday, 5 February 2010

Players of War on Sunday

Well thats now almost a fortnight since last game day and its coming around again this weekend. Since then i've uploaded a video taken on that game day where we had over 80 players in total and some really intense battles. The video has been fairly popular so the plan for this Sunday is to get much more action on film and maybe a couple of sequences following some of POWs more popular players to keep their fans happy. The newest video was uploaded this week and is a review of my Molle gun bag. A great piece of kit and much recommended.

As the worst of the winter is hopefully behind us i also have plans for purchasing some more kit to wear and use at POW. In particular i have seen items i want to add to my German WWII loadout to enhance the overall look and functionality of it and i'm also looking at modern items for a look based around my new L85. All of these items once bought will be reviewed and shown off on YouTube. There are also a few guns out there i'd love to get my hands on but as i'm not sponsored by anyone i can only review things i own and that means saving up even more cash. Christ its an expensive hobby!!

Also with the weather improving i've not had as much time for making and planning videos as i've been out working much more but there will always be time to get a regular supply of videos to my channel. At least one video per week. I was out for a few beers last night with my mate Andy or Dru918 as he's known to the guys who watch his channel and we had a few laughs. We were talking mostly about Airsoft, our time in the forces and Youtube so i know he'll be at POW this Sunday and i'm planning on getting him on film.

Anyway...keep your eyes peeled for this Sundays action guys.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Nearly February already

So thats January more than halfway through, only another week until its February. What a quick month!!

So in the past week i've uploaded the follow up review of the L85 and people seem to really appreciate an honest review of a gun rather than the shiny reviews that come from retailers that spend half their time talking about how nice the box is. What buyers really need to know is, is it worth it? is it reliable? does it have any inherant issues? will i regret buying it?

During the course of the week my wife and i went for the 20 week scan at the anti-natal clinic and we found out we're having a boy, we're both delighted and the baby is very healthy looking. He is due in june.

Yesterday was skirmish day at POW and all the snow from the last gameday was gone so it was back to the autumn camo of my WWII SS loadout, once spring starts i'll be in spring colours which are nice vibrant greens. The autumn pattern is perfect just now because the trees are still bare and everything just looks dark and very subdued.

I filmed some action yesterday and this has just been uploaded to YouTube and looks popular already. I was also talking to scoutthedoggie yesterday, he had a bumper day of filming with all the players and action we had. Over 80 players in total with some intense action and he even took part in some of the later games.

Well the plans for the next week or so are to review my latest airsoft addition, a Molle gun bag, not as exciting as a new gun but i've trialled it over the last two gamedays and its an invaluable addition. Carries two guns and a heap of kit. Now that the weather is improving i'll be looking to start the pyro series again too.

Well stay tuned guys :)


Friday, 15 January 2010

Another new video

So as the title suggests i've uploaded another video on YouTube, this one is a bit of action from POW last Sunday. I've also now had a good deal of use of my AA L85 and have to say i'm very impressed with it. I will be putting up a follow up review on it next week as i promised in an earlier entry. I spent half of the last game day in German WWII gear with my Stg44 then for the second half stripped down to green smock and woolly hat with the L85. I think scout filmed me in both roles so i'm wondering if he will use any of the footage in his next video.

Monday, 11 January 2010

New videos

Posted up a video yesterday demonstrating some basic TLSFx smoke bombs and i have some skirmish action which has been edited ready for upload to YT by the end of the week. I had a great time on Sunday in the snow at POW. I did half the day in WWII loadout and then peeled off the German gear and skirmished with my new L85. What a gun!!! Literally doubled the range my AGM MP44 is currently doing and VERY accurate.

I think it deserves a follow up video to describe performance and any niggles or problems.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Uploaded my newest vid yesterday, a review of the AGM MP44 and the counter crashed after a very short time on 303 views. Pretty good going.

Just returned from watching Avatar in 3D at the cinema. What an awesome experience, a very highly recommended fantastic movie!!