Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New HD Channel

In the past week my Airsoft Grenadier channel has gone over 400,000 video views overall and is now also approaching 15,000 subscribers. Needless to say i'm very pleased with that and immensely grateful to all my subscribers and viewers. I've got a wee while to go before i can think about comparing myself to my friend scoutthedoggie and i doubt i'll ever achieve his fame but, who knows, maybe sometime soon i'll get a partnership and start seeing some of my videos being featured.

The HD footage i put up seems to be well received with the general consensus of opinion pointing towards a new channel of HD Scottish scenery and the airsoft channel being left for HD airsoft. Not everyone has said that but it does form the majority of opinions voiced. So, as if by magic, the new channel is up and running and although is in its infancy i think it will do well over time. It currently only has 3 films although i will try and film as often as work allows and aim to upload at least a couple of films per month. Being a channel featuring landscapes, historical buildings and places etc, etc i will have to rely on travelling around and filming so it will obviously take time and planning to make each video.

For those of you who would like to see beautiful scenery, historical places and interesting venues you can subscribe to the new channel at where all your support and comments will be greatfully received.



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