Monday, 15 November 2010

14.11.2010 Game Day at P.O.W

Predictablly the weather was very cold and wet and the result was a turnout of about 40 players which is low for POW. Some sites struggle to get 20 players on a regular basis so its testament to POWs popularity that a low turnout is 40 hardened airsofters who want to shoot the crap out of each other in bad weather. The low numbers actually made for an excellent day and it began with a morning long MilSim where the German Team had to transport a wounded stretcher patient through hostile territory to their objective. This was an old fashioned steel framed stretcher with heavy canvas bedding and a weighted dummy to represent the casualty. It weighed a fucking ton and we had to wade through swamps, over ditches, walls and through thick forest. We got there and achieved our goal but i think every player who took turns carrying that bloody stretcher is still aching from it today. After this game i was soaking all day long and just could not warm up no matter how much i ran about. It really brought home the effort and dedication that military medical personnel exhibit throughout history. No wonder enemies have always favoured wounding their opponents rather than killing them. A wounded soldier takes up valuable manpower and energy to evacuate and just imagine those poor stretcher bearers of the First World War having to wade through the mud of the Western Front with casualty after casualty. True heroes!!

The afternoon was a mix of games and varied objectives so i got the camera out and filmed some footage and took photos. The new vid is up already so pop over to YouTube and watch if you haven't already and below are some of the photos from the day.


Cameron with a fantastic 'between the eyes' wound!

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