Friday, 19 March 2010

YouTube and POW

Hi again guys!!

The new channel on YouTube for outtakes has been pretty popular so far so thanks to all those who linked from here and subscribed. Admittedly when you compare the channel to my main movie channel the clips are not as good (YET). But you have to remember the intended content of this new channel, a home for unwanted and unused material that would otherwise be binned. Its being aired on the outtake channel because i know many out there would still like to see it no matter how mundane and random it may seem. Now that i've got a few subscribers on that channel i'll be improving the channel content as the subscriber base grows and adding many 'one-take' mini movies as well as the outtake material. These mini movies will be exclusive to that channel. So watch out this weekend for more uploaded material to my main movie page 'The Airsoft Grenadier' and new improved material on 'airsoftouttakes' as well as more random clips. All material will be from Players of War Airsoft in Bonnybridge, Scotland.

POW has been very good to me, not only have i been able to indulge in my passion for WWII and the military but i now have a successful YouTube channel built on all the filming i've done there. The hope i have is that i will be able to get YT Partner status at some point and invest a little money into better computer and software equipment to produce a far better finished article on YT. My current camera is great but i'm let down a little by an old PC system and basic software. I previously applied for YT Partner status when i had roughly 1200 subscribers and about 70,000 video views but was rejected. I think my video views overall fell short of what was required but i've since more than doubled that and currently have 5200+ subscribers. We'll see if that makes a difference!!

Anyway, its a POW Sunday this weekend so watch out for material appearing on both my channels by Monday evening at the latest ;)



  1. Fantastic - Keep up the great work.

  2. Keith,

    have you checked out Intelligent Armour Limited yet?

    well worth a look for kit :-)

  3. Great job. Glad to see other afficianados of body armour and other surface protection interacting on blogs. Sounds like the author has a large following which I hope continues.