Friday, 29 October 2010

P.O.W on Sunday

Finally another POW weekend has come around again and i'll have a chance to get my new camera out into the field and get some HD skirmish footage for youtube. The weather has been very changeable the past few weeks so i've no idea what conditions to expect on Sunday but will plan on it being awful and wet. There's no real plan on who or what i want to film its really just a matter of seeing who's there and watching how the gameplay develops. One player i haven't seen in a while is Dru918 so hopefully i'll see him soon and get him stalking his prey in full HD glory.

There are no new products to review. TLSFx didn't send the new grenade they had promised and i haven't heard from the guys at ReconRag about further reviews yet although you can see my review of the Ares M60 in the latest edition. I'll be in my modern British gear this weekend with L85 and camera so look forward to some action going up on YouTube soon guys!!

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