Monday, 6 September 2010

CidaSoft and Recon-Rag

Well i finally gave in to temptation and got myself the modern British loadout that i've been eyeing up ever since getting into the WWII airsoft scene and vowing i'd never 'go modern'. With my AA L85 it would have been a shame not to have bought Brit kit and i'm really pleased i did. As much as i have enjoyed the WWII kit its just so much more comfortable and easier to move with modern materials and equipment and if you want to see what it looks like then you can see me wearing it whislt i review the ARES M60-E4 for Recon-Rag.

The guys at Recon-Rag gave me the M60 to trial it and write up a review for the magazine which i have done and also a video review. The gun surprised me as i thought i'd hate it but actually had immense fun skirmishing with it and watching as my BBs mowed down the enemy. It wasn't as heavy as i thought it would be and it was pretty accurate with a decent rate of fire. It was averaging about 340FPS and hitting targets out to 50 metres away. I wouldnt personally want to own a support gun but it was a pleasure to have it for a few games. The written review should be in the next issue of Recon-Rag and Mike who works on the magazine has said he'll get me to review more airsoft kit in future. I can't wait!!

The CidaSoft review is also up and i have to say i was surprised at how effectively it worked. The explosive effect was very impressive but with the time taken to make up the grenade, retrieve the parts, wash them and then re-make the grenade again i'd be put off having to purchase the device. Too much hassle for my liking and there were also a lot of sharp, nasty pieces of brittle plastic left behind which could cause injury. A great idea for countries where Pyro is banned but i can't see this being popular in the U.K airsoft or paintball arena.

I won't make it to the next POW game day as i'm planning a short break up the north of Scotland that weekend but i've made another video for the main channel which features footage of a long patrol into enemy territory and a battle at the end of it. Its longer than usual at about 12 minutes so we'll see what reception it gets from viewers when i post it. There's some nice footage of my friends Ryan and Steve or 'Private Ryan' and 'Sloth King Steve' as they are commonly known on the forums and Scouts videos.

Speaking of scout he has filmed me a few times lately so we'll see if i'm in any forth coming videos in my new British gear.

Enjoy the videos.


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