Friday, 12 March 2010

New Airsoft Channel Launched

So whats new this week?

Well the last two videos posted are both from the same gameday at Players of War and feature action from a couple of different battles/games. 'The Airsoft Grenadier' YouTube channel has now smashed through the 5000 subscriber mark and steadily climbing upwards. A huge THANKYOU to ALL my subscribers as this channel looks like going from strength to strength with no sign of slowing down.

I've recorded a fair bit of footage since i started last year and much of what i didn't use on my YT channel was binned to keep my hard drive clear for new material. I had the idea of putting my uneditted and raw outtakes up on YouTube on another channel to let you guys see more of what goes on at POW and all the wee things you generally don't see. So the new channel was launched today with a few clips to get it started and please remember it's not airsoft movies you are watching it's purely outtakes. That means it is nothing more than lots of clips that were not included in my main Airsoft movies for one reason or another. Clips will range from several seconds in length to several minutes and will be added to after every game day at POW. These will be a mixture of 'behind the scenes' 'action' 'bloopers' and 'informal moments'.

The channel is called 'airsoftouttakes' so check out..

Please subscribe guys and have a look at the videos. Your ratings, comments and support are valued greatly and this channel will get bigger and better just as 'The Airsoft Grenadier' did.



  1. Anything that gives us more POW action is good in my books.

    On another note - what about the forums aint seen you advertise them in your recent videos.

  2. The forum i started has not proven to be all that successful. Probably coz i didn't have that many subscribers when i started it but i will be advertising it again m8