Sunday, 31 October 2010

Great day at P.O.W

Well i had great fun today at POW having not been for two months now with holidays and illness. Since i've been away the safe zone has been upgraded with seating and the site is developing into a fantastic Airsoft site. The move from the old to new site has been well worth all the hassle the site owners had to go through. I'll be posting up a Youtube video in due course but here are some pics to wet your apetite until then....


  1. Was great to catch up with you again mate and I've noticed you are really branching out on the vid front. Loved the bloopers one. Was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. LOL DaemondX aka Derek :)

  2. Thanks man, good to see you back at POW again and i hope its a regular thing again! The YouTube channel is now as much a hobby as the airsoft itself but due to work i cant focus as much attention on it as i'd like and go visiting other sites and doing reviews etc. hopefully one day i'll see some return for the work and money i've invested so far.

    see you soon m8!