Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Airsoft Fanpage

I've been in touch with Thomas who runs Airsoft Fanpage. Its a fantastic idea! I would suggest quite strongly that you guys should read this and go check out the links and follow this fanpage. What airsofter wouldn't want to be part of this growing community???

Press Release: Airsoft Fanpage.

Publication Date: 17/05/2010



The Airsoft Hub connects Teams & Players on Facebook

Started from scratch in February 2010, the Airsoft Hub is born of a simple idea: leveraging Facebook and reach a critical mass of fans to connect Airsoft players and teams. Thanks to the contribution of its 27 000 members, the Airsoft Hub is now simply the fastest growing Airsoft fanpage on Facebook and one of the most active community online.

The Airsoft Hub offers simple features such as news, reviews, forums, ingame photos and tactical resources thanks to partnerships with big players. As Airsoft is becoming mainstream, we think it's now time to take the Community to the next level. We are now focusing on new features such as an Airsoft products Marketplace and an International Airsoft Events Calendar.

To join our community and help us building the most awesome Airsoft community:

Visit our fanpage on and click on I like.

Partnerships and Press releases:


Key Numbers:

27200 members in 4 months

300 new members everyday

10% growth every month

20 partners / blogosphere and ecommerce

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Hey guys

Over the past couple of days i've managed to break through 200,000 video views and 8000 subscribers on YouTube so i'm really quite happy and just to top it off i've got myself a new WWII gun, the AGM MP40. I know, i know, i had one before but i missed it so much i've decided to buy another one and focus my German loadout around that gun. I'll still be wearing my Elite SS gear but i've got rid of the Grenadier pouches and replaced them with MP40 pouches. The grenades will be stored in my bread bag instead and it gives me a much better loadout for running around and clambering through bushes and over obstacles. You can expect a video review of my MP40 in the next couple of weeks along with more action videos and Outtakes.

I am also being sent some fantastic 3rd Generation Pyrotechnics by TLSFx as well as a new reusable grenade which is not yet on the market. Once i've had a chance to look at this stuff i'll be posting up reviews on my main channel so the series on Pyrotechnics will be added to again. Airsoftworld in Scotland stocks the TLSFx German stick grenades so i'll also be reviewing those shortly too.

Players of War will be on again next Sunday, thats Sun 16th May, so i'll be there to film and play however, there wont be any new videos up from that game until midweek as i'm leaving the gameday early and travelling up into the Highlands for a few days to have a relaxing break which realistically means i'll be eating and drinking and enjoying the peace and quiet. It's really just to give my wife a short break before the baby comes and we're hoping we can get a proper foreign holiday sometime next year. The last time we went on holiday was May last year when we visited Turkey with my in-laws whom i have a great relationship with. Just like going on holiday with friends really. Turkey was fantastic, great weather, great people, great food, great local beers and being a history nerd there was tonnes of cool things to see including the ancient city of Ephesus with its massive amphitheatres, public buildings and roads etc. The year before that was our Honeymoon to Mexico where we stayed on the Riviera Maya for two weeks and previous years we went to Spain and Crete. I think next year my wife fancies a Greek or Spanish island which would be great. As well as good weather, food etc i know the Greeks and Spaniards love airsoft!!!

Catch you later guys