Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hogmanay 2009

New Years Eve or Hogmanay as we say in Scotland. Been a fantastic year airsoft wise. The skirmishes at POW have been so much fun and i went from player to being player/marshal. I also started my YouTube hobby after a gentle nudge from John AKA scoutthedoggie and as i write this i'm sitting on 2136 subscribers so who knows, maybe i'll make it to YouTube Partnership one day and i can pimp my channel and add some new features. My new L85 review video went up last night and within the space of 2 hours had experienced a counter crash due to the number of views. Its very exciting to see the channel reach such popularity but its becoming increasingly difficult keeping up with channel/video comments and emails.

With this in mind i've decided to do Q&A videos, picking the most common questions and answering them in detail in video format. Hopefully that will help.

Well all the best guys, i will continue blogging and of course airsofting in 2010.

Happy New Year everyone!!! ;D

Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas aftermath

Christmas was fantastic. The first proper white christmas in the UK for many years and the snow is still here. I got some new airsoft toys so they will be reviewed soon and i had lots of fun eating and drinking with family and friends, maybe a bit too much fun lol.

I have a Peugeot 107 which really isn't cut out for winter driving conditions so i didn't make it to airsoft on Sunday. It normally takes an act of God like this to keep me away so when my car is essentially my livelihood i can't take risks with driving.

A new video is now uploaded, thanking all my friends and subscribers on YouTube. I now have over 2000 subscribers!!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve

Only 1 more day to go until xmas and thats all my shopping finally done, thank god!! I'll be happy if i never see another shop again.

The weather has just been a constant deluge of snow so its kept me off the road for a whole week which is a bit of a blow when my whole livelihood is based around driving.

As mentioned in a previous entry i'll be at POW on the 27th if the weather doesn't get any worse. Apparently the thaw will begin on Boxing Day. If the weather prevents travel then don't worry i'll have an airsoft related video to put up on Sunday night anyway.

So all thats left now is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and as they say in the U.S 'Happy Holidays'

All the best guys ;)


Monday, 21 December 2009

Upcoming videos

Just to give you guys a heads up on what to expect over the coming weeks.....

I have a brand new Army Armament L85 which i will be reviewing on an 'Out of the box' basis and then a follow up video on what its like after being skirmished with several times i.e Is it reliable, sturdy, battery life, consistent ROF, FPS and range etc etc

I will also be getting my hands on lots more pyro so keep an eye out for more explosive fun and i'll add in a few tutorial style videos for people new to the hobby.

And it goes without saying but i'll be filming as much action as possible from my beloved airsoft site POW.

You may also see me on joint projects with other Airsoft YouTubers ;).....

...and its kind of a secret at the moment but i'm looking at starting a second YouTube channel on an unrelated subject. Thats all i'm saying at the moment on that topic!

First post

Well i thought i'd give blogging a try as i'm getting so many questions on a daily basis through YouTube about everything from my camera, guns and equipment right down to my home life. I didn't think i was that interesting lol

Anyway...its only another 3 days until Christmas and then POW has a skirmish on the 27th so i'll be there playing and filming in my WWII loadout if the snow doesn't make it too dangerous to travel. I live in Fife so to get to POW i have to travel west for about 45 minutes to Bonnybridge. As i type this the snow is falling very heavily so fingers crossed it doesn't get too bad.

I'll keep you all posted on developments ;)