Friday, 2 July 2010

Been a while!!

As the title says its been a while since i posted so i thought i'd give an update on developments. Friday 18th June 2010 our son Calum was born, 7.14lbs and very healthy. As you can imagine both my wife and i are thrilled at being parents and getting used to late night feeds, nappy changes and a never ending stream of visitors coming round to see him. He's a bit young for airsoft but who knows what he'll be into when he's older.

Airsoft wise i was at POW last weekend and captured some action which was posted up and then seemed to trigger a whole argument about airsoft vs paintball. No idea how it started but the amount of asshole comments was unbelievable so i ended up deleting about 20 comments in total and blocking about a dozen people. I'm actually really pleased with the video and most comments are great but its amazing how nothing at all sparks off huge arguments on YouTube videos.

I'm sure by now many will have noticed a change to my channel artwork. It was done by a good friend of mine at POW called Stu who owns a graphic design company called Ikara Design. He has done a fabulous job and i'm immensly proud of how it looks. So much so that i actually bought myself a new widescreen monitor to show it off properly.

I've now finished with the range of TLSFx products i was sent so here's hoping they send some more!! I have received a parcel from Tiawan containing a new type of grenade from a company called CidaSoft who want me to do a review on it. Its very different from what we use in the UK so i'm sure it will make an interesting video. Personally i think it may be more suited to paintball but i'll give my opinion on it properlly whilst filming.

Anyway, i'll update everyone soon!!