Monday, 25 January 2010

Nearly February already

So thats January more than halfway through, only another week until its February. What a quick month!!

So in the past week i've uploaded the follow up review of the L85 and people seem to really appreciate an honest review of a gun rather than the shiny reviews that come from retailers that spend half their time talking about how nice the box is. What buyers really need to know is, is it worth it? is it reliable? does it have any inherant issues? will i regret buying it?

During the course of the week my wife and i went for the 20 week scan at the anti-natal clinic and we found out we're having a boy, we're both delighted and the baby is very healthy looking. He is due in june.

Yesterday was skirmish day at POW and all the snow from the last gameday was gone so it was back to the autumn camo of my WWII SS loadout, once spring starts i'll be in spring colours which are nice vibrant greens. The autumn pattern is perfect just now because the trees are still bare and everything just looks dark and very subdued.

I filmed some action yesterday and this has just been uploaded to YouTube and looks popular already. I was also talking to scoutthedoggie yesterday, he had a bumper day of filming with all the players and action we had. Over 80 players in total with some intense action and he even took part in some of the later games.

Well the plans for the next week or so are to review my latest airsoft addition, a Molle gun bag, not as exciting as a new gun but i've trialled it over the last two gamedays and its an invaluable addition. Carries two guns and a heap of kit. Now that the weather is improving i'll be looking to start the pyro series again too.

Well stay tuned guys :)


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