Monday, 22 November 2010

P.O.W Channel Launch

Hey all...

Since my last Blog entry there has been an exciting new development and as a result i've ditched the keiths Airsoft Guide channel to allow me time to work on the new project. All airsoft relevant material; gun/kit reviews, tutorials, skirmishes etc will be on the Airsoft Grenadier channel without the need for any additional channels. Its just much easier this way!

So whats the new project i hear you ask!! Players of War Airsoft have their own YouTube channel which was only ever used to watch videos, post comments etc but they have now given that channel to me and asked me to develop it as a subscription/viewer channel and make HD videos to display on YouTube. What that means for you airsoft fans is that you can subscribe to an official Players of War Airsoft channel and watch yet more HD movies of your favourite site with behind the scenes footage, interviews, combat and more. That means twice as much airsoft to watch, an official Facebook Fanpage for you to join and lots of information about the site and its players. What airsoft fan wouldn't want to subscribe!?!

There are no videos at the moment and the official channel launch is scheduled for January 2011, by which time filming will be well under way and the channel artwork designed, but if you would like to get subscribed early and not miss the first videos going online then you can subscribe here and be among the first viewers to see the new material. Remember this is the Official P.O.W channel and is fully endorsed by the site.

Happy airsofting


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