Friday, 2 April 2010

British Summertime

Summer is officially here with the changing of the clocks which makes it lighter for an hour longer at night. Don't ask..its something to do with farmers and harvests and livestock...i think!! All it means to me is that its the start of some better weather, hopefully, and my birthday is this month. Normally for birthdays and christmas i'd get some shiny new airsoft toys but with a baby on the way we are tightening the purse strings so my wife and i will probably head out for a nice meal together and i'll have a wee drink, or two...

This coming weekend is also an airsoft weekend so i'll be at POW again but haven't decided yet between modern or WWII kit. I'll decide on the day. I will have my camera with me so i'll be recording the action as it unfolds with footage for that night on YT and for later in the month for 'Airsoft Week'. When is it you ask!! I'll let you know in good time LOL.

The gaming areas at POW have been greatly expanded so i'll capture some footage of the new game zones for you guys. Its a huge expansion programme which will go on for some time and greatly improve the site overall. Can't wait to see it and play there as i've heard about some of the plans the site owners have.

Any questions guys just drop me a line ;)


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