Friday, 17 September 2010

KeithHPOW and HD

POW Airsoft is running its regular game day this coming Sunday however i won't be there. I'll be on a short break up in the Scottish Highlands to get some peace and quiet, well, as much peace and quiet as you can get with wife, baby son and in-laws!! It will be great fun though and i really need a break from work.

I have also finally taken the plunge and upgraded from my Panasonic HDD Camcorder to a Panasonic Lumix HD camera which i will be taking up north and experimenting with. I am also experimenting with other forms of editing software which i have not yet got to grips with but hey, its a learning experience eh! The reason for the upgrade is because my channel is growing at a fairly rapid rate and something that was only ever intended to be a fairly low key side hobby to airsoft is turning into an expensive past time but a possible business venture with products being sent to me for review, being invited to write magazine articles and hopefully, at some point, a YouTube partnership so that i can recoup the costs of making these YT videos and upgrade even further to better equipment, PC, software etc. With such a huge viewing audience now people expect HD and great footage so i hope to deliver better videos very soon. Expect to see some experimental videos going up as i navigate my way around filming and editing HD films.

Watch this space for more news on the HD project.


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