Monday, 15 February 2010

A busy week

Hey guys.

Well since my last post its been a very busy week. Work has kept me away from YouTube so i haven't had the time to organise any more filming for Airsoft videos but the good thing is that this coming Sunday is another POW day out so i'll have my camera with me to record some of the action for you. The last video was just a brief piece showing Dru and Stu preparing for the advancing enemy and it seems to have been popular. Lots of people have asked me for informal or 'out of play' footage so it fits the bill.

I know that many people are looking at this Blog but so far i only have two subscribers or followers. Please sign up to follow me if you have a Blogger account guys and in the event i have a following then i will add much more to this and provide you guys with exclusive news, reviews, photos etc.

I now have another YouTube channel up and running. Its in its infancy and only has a couple of uploads. More will be following very shortly. It also has nothing to do with airsoft and is one of at least 2 non airsoft related channels that are being launched this year.

Stay tuned for more announcements on this and its only Bloggers who are being given advance notice of new developments and ideas.


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