Friday, 5 March 2010

Winter Blues

Well thankfully there seems to be an improvement in the weather in the UK, the part i'm in anyway!! Since December its been very cold with frequent snow which has kept me at home and unable to work on quite a few occassions. The past week has actually had a few good spells of sunshine and even though you can still see snow on the hill tops it just feels so much nicer to have the sun out. I'm a summer person and hate winter. I'm certain i have that S.A.D syndrome that i hear 'experts' talking about.

The past few weeks have seen me busier at work again with the improvement in the weather and out of the blue an obsession with keep fit. I've always been fit and keep active but its been a real obsession lately with circuit training, running, walking really long distances and strict nutrition. I haven't been out for a pint in ages now LOL and i can't even explain where the sudden obsession came from.

On the airsoft front i've got POW this coming Sunday. I'll be there in modern kit for a change with my L85. As much as i love my German WWII kit its very heavy and awkward and doesn't allow me to throw myself around in the manner i'd like to so i'll be lightly clothed and armed for a change. The funny thing is that very few people recognise me at POW out of the WWII gear so i'll try to be as anonymous as possible. I'll have the camera with me so will get as much footage as possible. Here's hoping the good weather keeps up.

I didn't get time to put another video up on YT this week, a combination of work and exercising like an idiot has not allowed me enough time to do it however, more POW Combat this weekend guys!!!

Stay tuned!!!!!


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