About Me

So thanks for dropping by my Blog guys. You will most probably know me as 'Keith H' from Players of War Airsoft in Central Scotland and will have seen me in several of Scoutthedoggies YouTube videos as well as having seen my own YouTube channel 'The Airsoft Grenadier'. I'm not only a player at P.O.W but i'm also part of the permanent Marshal Team at the site which means on any given gameday i'm playing, keeping an eye on the flow of play and also filming for YouTube. Its a fun day out!!

When playing at POW which is a WWII themed site i'm normally in my Waffen SS Loadout with a captured Hexagon Productions PPsh-41. I also have an Army Armament L85A1 which has been upgraded with a better piston assembly and sometimes attend POW in modern British Army gear.

YouTube is taking up a large amount of my spare time lately between the filming, editing, uploading and the vast amount of time spent answering emails and comments on my main YouTube channel and now my second channel which is the exclusive and official youTube channel for Players of War Airsoft. I was made a full YouTube Partner in February 2011 on The Airsoft Grenadier channel and i'll be going for partnership on the Players of War channel very soon.