Friday, 5 February 2010

Players of War on Sunday

Well thats now almost a fortnight since last game day and its coming around again this weekend. Since then i've uploaded a video taken on that game day where we had over 80 players in total and some really intense battles. The video has been fairly popular so the plan for this Sunday is to get much more action on film and maybe a couple of sequences following some of POWs more popular players to keep their fans happy. The newest video was uploaded this week and is a review of my Molle gun bag. A great piece of kit and much recommended.

As the worst of the winter is hopefully behind us i also have plans for purchasing some more kit to wear and use at POW. In particular i have seen items i want to add to my German WWII loadout to enhance the overall look and functionality of it and i'm also looking at modern items for a look based around my new L85. All of these items once bought will be reviewed and shown off on YouTube. There are also a few guns out there i'd love to get my hands on but as i'm not sponsored by anyone i can only review things i own and that means saving up even more cash. Christ its an expensive hobby!!

Also with the weather improving i've not had as much time for making and planning videos as i've been out working much more but there will always be time to get a regular supply of videos to my channel. At least one video per week. I was out for a few beers last night with my mate Andy or Dru918 as he's known to the guys who watch his channel and we had a few laughs. We were talking mostly about Airsoft, our time in the forces and Youtube so i know he'll be at POW this Sunday and i'm planning on getting him on film.

Anyway...keep your eyes peeled for this Sundays action guys.

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  1. aint we all looking forward to the summer and some great airsoft action. Because I right for reconrag Andy (my boss) got me a dicount for an agm M4!