Friday, 13 August 2010

MilSim and Free goodies to review

On the 1st August POW held one of their MilSim events with a reenactment of the WWII Battle of Hurtgen Forest and with a turnout of roughly 30 or so players per side in period kit it was looking like being a good day. Good day is a bit of an understatement however as it proved to be the best days skirmishing i have ever had and many many others said the same thing. The day started out with the Germans defending key locations and subject to an assault by Allied forces. The attacks were half hearted and poorly executed so the Germans had no real problems and then counter-attacked in the afternoon and swept aside all Allied resistance. The German forces were so good that Alied players actually just gave up towards the end and the site owners called the game over before it was due to finish. It was all down to great team work and keeping the pressure on the enemy.

Here's me in my German kit during a short respite in the battle..

The CidaSoft grenades have been reviewed and i already have a teaser/unboxing video up for guys to get a sneak peak of what i got and you can expect the full review up soon. I won't go into detail on the Blog but i'm not sure what to make of this grenade, its unusual compared to the pyro i'm used to but it does have its uses.

I also have an M60-E4 from AirsoftWorld which i'm reviewing for an article in Recon-Rag and my youtube channel. Its an impressive AEG and i was surprised by how much i actually enjoyed skirmishing with it. I had been convinced i wouldn't like it as i'm not a support gun fan so lets just say i was pleasantly surprised. Here's hoping that AirsoftWorld recognise the power of YouTube and give me a few more to review after this one eh!!

Many thanks to the guys at AirsoftWorld and Recon-Rag


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