Tuesday, 1 June 2010

TLSFx, YouTube and Haters


Not been on for a wee while as work has been really busy and my spare time went into putting up the videos i'd made. So whats new? The TLSFx PYRO that i was sent has all been used, reviewed and, apart from the hand grenades, already up on YouTube. The question being asked on all the pyro videos is; 'Can i get this in the U.S?' Well, TLSFx pyro is available in the U.S but the problem is individual State Laws so its not widespread in the U.S and despite trying, i still cant find out who is retailling the stuff. The only pyro that isn't available, yet, is the 3rd Gen Pyro however TLSFx are working on that. The whole point of my videos was to try and help with that process and get a little more U.S exposure. It's widely available in the U.K though guys.

My latest video on the keithHPOW channel shows a little of scoutthedoggie playing airsoft. Its had a funny effect on some viewers. Scout is a friend of mine and as we both film at POW it was a matter of time before i got a little film of him. Many viewers are delighted to see him but there are a few who seem downright offended that i've filmed him and i've had a few asshole comments because of it. Blocked them all of course but i'm miffed at why they are offended. I've come to the conclusion that its jealousy. One guy said i had no right to film him because his videos are 50x better than mine. I'd agree that scouts videos are infinitely better than mine, he has done this a hell of a lot longer than me and its from scout that i've developed my own passion for YouTube videos. I'm very much a rank amatuer hobbyist with very basic equipment and never claimed to be anything other than that. So as for the Haters, trolls etc...keep hating guys and i'll keep blocking you, its your problem and not mine LOL. I'll keep on playing and filming airsoft ;)

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  1. Im sure you'll be as good as scout one day. Im sure if he tried to reveiw airsoft gear he wouldn't be as good as you. Screw all those haters!