Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Fort

This coming Sunday, 25th April, sees the reopening of The Fort airsoft site at Cluny Clays in Fife, Scotland. This site is owned and operated by the guys who run Airsoftworld and has achieved great fame with the help of scoutthedoggies videos. The Fort has been closed for over a year now so this will be a chance for me to play and film at a site i've heard so much about and only ever seen the site through scouts videos. I can't wait!!

Last Sunday was a POW weekend with a large turnout despite the very rainy start to the day. I managed to get a bit of filming done but to be honest got so caught up playing that i didn't film nearly as much as i had intended. I was in modern loadout with my L85 and a few extra magazines that were bought for my birthday. Normally i only cary 1 hi-cap for the L85 but with 4 hi-caps in total i was armed to the teeth and able to pour tonnes of beebs into the enemy. Great fun.

On the YouTube front i managed to break through the 7000 subscriber mark and its continuing to grow daily as are the strange questions i get asked. Its funny how people see you as a world authority on something because you've posted a couple of videos. People are constantly asking me to review more guns and gear despite having made it clear i'm not sponsored and can only review what i own personally. Some guys are even sending me up to 20 links for guns that they have seen and expect me to view them all individually and then give them a run down on the pro's and con's of each gun. It baffles me that they can spend all that time writing me emails with numerous links but cant use google!!

crazyNCman has started up a website which is a great idea,, and allows airsofters the ability to ask as many questions as they like and get answers/opinions from fellow airsofters. Check it out its a pretty good idea.

On the personal front its now only about 6 weeks until my son will be born. I'm looking forward to it although i'm obviously still a bit nervous as a first time Dad and having to watch my wife go through the ordeal of childbirth. I just hope all goes smoothly on the day! Will it affect my airsoft and filming? I will still be airsofting and filming but there will be times when i'll probably need to give it a miss so my wife gets a break, especially in the early months when the baby will be up through the night for feeding.

Anyway, looking forward to this Sunday at The Fort and getting some film of it up on YT.

CYA later guys!

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