Wednesday, 8 December 2010

More Snow

The heavy snowfall in Scotland is still with us and has had a bad effect on everyones life here with people unable to work, drive, get public transport, power cuts etc etc. We have a POW weekend coming up this week and judging by the state of the roads very few people will be able to attend if the site can open so given the fact i've literally been stuck at home for nearly two weeks now i've not got much to tell you guys, unless you're interested in my new toy that is?

I've bought myself a new PPSH41 by Hexagon Productions which cost me £279 and will be my primary weapon for my new WWII German loadout in 2011. I'll be wearing either an SS or Wermacht loadout from the Eastern Front with a captured Soviet weapon. So would you guys like to see a video review of the PPSH41 in full HD format, hmmm?