Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New P.O.W site

Sunday 4th April 2010 was the official opening of the new site for P.O.W and what a bloody fantastic site it is. Its in the same woods as always but they have relocated and doubled the size of the overall gaming areas. We have lost the areas known as Bocage, Train Station, Church, Village and Fuel Dump but have kept Monte Wood. We now have an area which extends outwards from Monte and current developments include a bunker network and an area known as Jerry Island which is a fortification surrounded by a stream which gives a Moat and Castle type effect, very difficult to attack!!

The site owners have big plans for further development with hopes of a D'Day Beach Head among other ideas. This site will be even more of a world envy than it previously was. Now that the new site has opened i have decided to postpone 'Airsoft Week' until May so that i can capture as much film as possible of the new site. I promise it will be worth the wait guys!!!

And a funny moment from a game on Sunday....

I was on Red team and in my modern gear with my AA L85 which has an upgraded piston assembly. We were in the new bunker complex with Yellow team attacking us and i had a duel with a sniper who thought he could shoot me from a range i couldn't trouble him. He was aiming at me through a scope but couldn't hit me with his Dragunov rifle whilst my AA L85 was putting shots straight into his position and beyond and forcing him to move position and keep his head down. He was so pissed off that my AEG was outranging his sniper rifle that he complained to the site owners that i had a 'Hot' rifle. Ernie the site owner chroneod my L85 which registered 321FPS as an average. The site limit for AEGs is 350FPS and 500FPS for snipers. The sniper didn't feel so smart when Ernie showed him the chrono results LOL. Just goes to show that FPS isn't everything and that an AEG with good internals can put out BBs with fantastic range and accuaracy. My L85 is consistently shooting well in excess of 50 metres and is without doubt a brilliant AEG to skirmish with.


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