Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Game Day on Sunday

Sunday at POW was great fun as always and the footage i shot has been edited and uploaded to YouTube. Its proving to be very popular again, so much so that the view counter keeps crashing every few hours but 1000 views in 24hours, Christ only knows why i'm not a YT Partner!!

The day itself was VERY cold and because we had such a big turn out, 84 players in total, it took a bit longer between games to get people moving and ready for another game. We played two games in the morning, the traditional Red Vs Yellow games which lasted about an hour each. The battles were very intense, lots of players, lots of smoke, lots of grenades and lots of fun. Both teams got a victory each and then in the afternoon it was a long game, WWII players versus Modern players. The WWII guys normally win these games quite convincingly but the Moderns really had their shit together on Sunday and scored a great victory over their old enemy. With so many players on site you get the odd argument over hit dodging and rule infractions and Sunday was no different. Nothing major and it was all settled with no hard feelings in the end.

Scoutthedoggie was in attendance as usual and played a fair bit of airsoft whilst filming with his head mounted Tachyon camera and his new Type97 assault rifle. I asked him how it was performing and he seemed reasonably happy with it. Its a good looking gun and reminds me of my own L85 in that its a Bullpup design and sits very comfortably in the shoulder. Scout has some footage up already of Sundays game and the quality and clarity of his filming never ceases to amaze me. Think i'll have to invest in one of those Mac laptops with the imovie software, very impressive stuff and i notice its what BigBoss uses too.

Anyway, i'm just about to start a long day of babysitting my 1 year old nephew who's great fun but tiring as he's teething so i'd best be off.

Till next time guys!!


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