Friday, 25 March 2011

March 2011

Well thank f*** the weather has finally warmed up a fair bit and we've even had sunshine. Infact i was out and about yesterday without a jacket or jersey so here's hoping Spring is finally on its way. Even the flowers are coming out. As you can gather i'm not a winter person, i hate it.

This month has seen a return to good, reliable skirmish/filming weather and the Zeltbahn video i mentioned has been put up on YT and looking pretty good. I'll do another one at a later date and talk about joining several Zeltbahns to create tents etc.

I've recently managed to secure sponsorship from a clothing company called Skirmish Clothing who make casual street wear for airsofters. Currently they produce a range of t-shirts but are bringing out hoodies, baseball caps etc to compliment the range. A great idea for airsofters who want to wear casual clothes but retain an element of airsoft culture without having to walk around in their skirmish clothing.

Look out for a competition sponsored by Skirmish Clothing appearing on my channel very soon.

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