Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New WWII German kit

2011 not only sees the Airsoft Grenadier channel achieving YouTube Partnership and me being given control of the Players of War Airsoft channel but also an overhaul of my WWII German loadout which i had worn faithfully for 2 years worth of skirmishes and carried into battle either my AGM MP40 or my AGM MP44 (STG44). I thought it was time for a change so over recent months i've gradually sold off all my previous uniform items and my two German weapons. This year i've so far updated the uniform by purchasing a new Waffen SS tunic in summer 'Reed Green' HBT fabric and new Panzer trousers in Italian camouflage pattern. There is normally confusion and argument relating to unissued items of uniform worn by German troops. Basically when the Italian armed forces surrendered to the Allies the Germans seized the Italian warehouses filled with camouflage material and used it to produce clothing articles ranging from trousers and tunics down to helmet covers. Its a well documented fact and many many photographs exist which show this to be fact. there is also argument about German troops wearing tunics made out of Oakleaf or Plane tree camo patterns. Again these were tailored in the field rather than issued with standard uniform and again there are genuine photographs and surviving items of clothing which show this to be fact. You wouldn't believe the abusive comments some of my loadout videos have attracted because armchair experts have never seen Oakleaf tunics whilst they've played Call of Duty or watched Saving Private Ryan. By the late stages of the war the German troops HAD to manufacture clothing in the field from whatever sources they could as the Allied bombing campaigns were devastating the home font and supply chain.

I've also noticed that among the number of airsofters who buy Zeltbahns, no-one ever uses them! They are bought for roughly £40 and then strapped to a belt and never worn. I wonder how many airsofters actually know how to use them properlly as a poncho or shelter? So there's the idea for a new video using my new Zeltbahn which will probably be filmed in the next few weeks; how to use a Zeltbahn. As i've said they can be used as ponchos and small shelters but when they are joined together with other Zeltbahns they can actually be used to construct stretchers, flotation aids and tents of varying size depending on how many seperate Zelts' are used.

My new WWII weapon, which i love, is my Hexagon Productions PPSH41. Its far more relaible and performs way better than any gun i've ever owned. I'll therefore be loosly portraying an Eastern Front German with captured Soviet weapon and a couple of Soviet pouches which i stripped from my Russian victim. Look out for future videos on new kit guys!

Keep checking the Blog for further announcements and news and look out for those new videos.


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