Wednesday, 20 April 2011

21 again!!

Ah well another year older but i still don't feel any older than 21. Maybe its because i've a hobby that allows me to run around with toy guns like a big kid. YouTube Partnership seems to be paying off as i've noticed a pick up in my subscriber and video view rates. It was definately a good idea to apply for partnership. I'm still getting bombarded with emails to do gun and kit reviews but people just don't seem to understand that i don't have access to what they want to see reviewed. Reviews are big business in the U.S for retailers but its not something that U.K retailers seem interested in doing and no-one is interested in giving sponsorship. If i was a U.S youtuber i'm certain i'd have a full-on sponsorship with a big retailer by now but that won't happen in the U.K. I can only review the guns and kit that i own personally and as much as i'd like to review new guns and kit every week it aint gonna happen!

The Airsoft Clothing Competition went down well with lots of people sending in entries (500+) and the 3 winners being drawn from a box by POW players Cara, Terri and Scoutthedoggie. Speaking of scout, he was filming me attacking a base with my PPSH-41, grenades and smoke last Sunday and will be putting the video up by this weekend so watch out for that.

Looking through my subscriber demographics i noticed that 8% of my overall viewership are female. I never get emails from my female viewers and don't know any of them. I've made lots of friends worldwide through YouTube and all are male. If you are a female viewer i'd love to hear from you. Where you play, what you carry into battle and why you like airsoft. It is a sport that both sexes enjoy but my female viewers are very quiet compared to the guys. So who are you and where are you? Drop me an email and say hi ;)

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