Monday, 23 May 2011

keithHPOW in 2011

The goal for this year is simply to expand the web presence of 'The Airsoft Grenadier' and ensure that the YouTube channel continues to not only improve on the quality of content but goes from hobby/pastime status to a viable business. This is not only going to benefit me! Any form of sponsorship benefits the sponsor and leads to increased video content for my subscriber base, giving them a larger variety of videos to watch and broaden the horizons of the channel. More videos and greater variety = happy viewers!!

I will be attending more airsoft venues this year. Making more friends around the U.K and giving more sites some exposure on YouTube. There will be more competitions coming along so all you P.O.W fans should look out for the next one. P.O.W velcro patches for sticking to your favourite gear!



Keep an eye on your YouTube subscriptions. What P.O.W fan wouldn't want to win one of these!?!

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