Friday, 27 May 2011

20,000 YouTube Subs!!

So the keithHPOW 'Airsoft Grenadier' channel is now fast approaching the 20,000 subscriber mark and i reckon its almost time for a competition to celebrate that achievement. As hinted in the previous post watch out for a fantastic giveaway of 'Players of War' patches for sticking to your uniform and gear!! The latest video posted to my channel in which i have invited viewers, with aspirations to film airsoft videos, to give themselves a shoutout has currently got 9 video responses. It just goes to show how lazy many filmers can be! I get hundreds of requests from people asking for shoutouts and yet when i give viewers the chance to promote their own channel and say anything they want....they can't be bothered!! Well done and thanks to those few who took the time and made the effort to make a video response.

I will be at POW this coming Sunday but will probably just stay long enough to get some film and then head home to get it edited and uploaded to YouTube. The following unday sees a WWII Normandy Invasion MilSim planned at 'The Hill' in Dundee so at the moment i hope to be able to attend that. Not sure yet if i'll film or play if i do go. It would make a fantastic YouTube movie but having been before i also know its great fun to play at that site. Oh the dilema!!!


I've also had new shirts sent to me by my sponsor skirmishclothing so look out for me wearing new designs on film.




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