Wednesday, 16 February 2011

February has turned out to be a very interesting month. First of all, about a week ago, i get an email out of the blue from offering me a 'Partnership' with them. To be honest i'd never heard of them as i've no interest in video games but once i'd checked them out i was impressed and quite frankly flattered by their offer. I decided now was the time to try out for YouTube Partnership as the Machinima offer made me think i must be doing quite well with the channel. To my surprise i was accepted for full partnership rather than just enabling a few of my videos for revenue sharing. This means i'm now a full YT Partner and can enable revenue on all my videos. Great news as my channel goes from mere hobby status to potential busines venture. So where does that leave Machinima?

Machinima work on what i'd describe as a franchise basis where you basically join their network and they put adverts on your videos. They give you a set fee for the ads but they keep all revenue generated from people actually clicking the ads and from any advertising on your channel page. Something that YT don't do. I get all the revenue from YT advertising campaigns. The stats that my channel has would also be dissolved into the Machinima network so they basically consider my subscribers and overall video views as part of THEIR stats and advertise them as such. It was flattering to be contacted by them but the offer seems heavily weighted in their favour with little kick back for me. Lets face it, the channel they wanted to feature me on only has an average of 2000 video views per upload, something i've bettered with my 18,000 subscribers compared to ther 200,000+ subscribers. It would also appear that despite claiming millions of subscribers that they don't even rank among the top YouTube Partners with regards to earnings. Why is that?

The Airsoft Grenadier channel has finally made partner status so i'm sure you'll appreciate how happy i am with that. It means that once a few $'s or £'s come my way i can invest further into the channel and reward my subscribers with more and more great videos. Hopefully i'll be able to get my hands on new equipment and props to enhance the video experience and who knows, perhaps a sensible retailer or two will have the common sense to throw some airsoft kit my way for review. Lets face it, no U.K airsoft retailer has bothered to invest properlly in the business potential of YouTube. The U.S retailers seem to have grasped its potential so its about time the U.K caught up a bit faster and broadened their horizons a little.

This coming Sunday is a POW gameday so watch out for videos coming along on both my channels guys.


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