Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

So did everyone have a great christmas/new year holiday?

The weather kept me off work for just over a month in total and also led to two POW game dates being cancelled which was a total bummer. It means serious withdrawl from being able to skirmish and absolutely no material to upload to YouTube. On a positive note though we had a POW Christmas night out for the WWII German players which was great fun; lots of drink and many many good laughs. we have a game date on January 9th so here's hoping the weather remains good enough that we can travel to the site and get a good skirmish and lots of film and photographs.

I got a new WWII German winter jacket which is field grey and reversible to white for the snow and i also got a new Oakleaf Zeltbahn which i can add to my loadout. I was also given the boxed set 'The Pacific' which i watched back to back and loved. Its a fantastic series with amazing combat scenes and i really enjoyed the in-depth portrayal of the true life characters in the series. If i had the money i'd be tempted to go for a full USMC Pacific loadout!!

Since i've been stuck at home i've been planning what videos i want to make for the new POW Youtube channel so i can't wait to get out there and begin filming. At the moment i've only got a teaser video on the channel to generate some early interest and i've already got just under 100 subscribers and nearly 2000 views on that 1 video. Here's hoping the channel will be as successful as early indications promise. The Airsoft Grenadier channel is also doing very well as i'm just about to reach 17,000 subscribers and am on my way to 600,000 video views overall. My most successful video has well over 100,000 views on its own. I was very flattered to see how many of my fellow Youtube airsofters gave me personal messages on their youtube channels wishing me a happy new year so i'm now thinking of returning the favour and doing a video to thank my youtube friends and give them all a mention. It's not something i normally do but it seems quite a popular means of contact and networking for youtubers. Early videos to look out for will be a PPSH41 review and skirmish videos for The Airsoft Grenadier and also some skirmish and possibly player interviews on the Players of War channel. All these videos will hopefully be along sometime in January, weather permitting. We're expecting more heavy snow in Scotland soon!!

Happy New Year folks

All the best in 2011


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