Monday, 21 December 2009

Upcoming videos

Just to give you guys a heads up on what to expect over the coming weeks.....

I have a brand new Army Armament L85 which i will be reviewing on an 'Out of the box' basis and then a follow up video on what its like after being skirmished with several times i.e Is it reliable, sturdy, battery life, consistent ROF, FPS and range etc etc

I will also be getting my hands on lots more pyro so keep an eye out for more explosive fun and i'll add in a few tutorial style videos for people new to the hobby.

And it goes without saying but i'll be filming as much action as possible from my beloved airsoft site POW.

You may also see me on joint projects with other Airsoft YouTubers ;).....

...and its kind of a secret at the moment but i'm looking at starting a second YouTube channel on an unrelated subject. Thats all i'm saying at the moment on that topic!

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