Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hogmanay 2009

New Years Eve or Hogmanay as we say in Scotland. Been a fantastic year airsoft wise. The skirmishes at POW have been so much fun and i went from player to being player/marshal. I also started my YouTube hobby after a gentle nudge from John AKA scoutthedoggie and as i write this i'm sitting on 2136 subscribers so who knows, maybe i'll make it to YouTube Partnership one day and i can pimp my channel and add some new features. My new L85 review video went up last night and within the space of 2 hours had experienced a counter crash due to the number of views. Its very exciting to see the channel reach such popularity but its becoming increasingly difficult keeping up with channel/video comments and emails.

With this in mind i've decided to do Q&A videos, picking the most common questions and answering them in detail in video format. Hopefully that will help.

Well all the best guys, i will continue blogging and of course airsofting in 2010.

Happy New Year everyone!!! ;D

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