Saturday, 25 June 2011

Baby Frog

Well i'm home again, had a great time staying away from home and enjoying the peace and quiet of a small Highland village next to a tranquil loch. Lots of good food, drink, sightseeing and relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered!!

I've decided to add extra content to my YouTube channel to give my viewers a bit more diversity rather than pure airsoft; Vlogs, funnies, interesting places etc. Airsoft will remain the main stay of the channel but i don't want my channel to simply be 'another airsoft channel'. I'd like a bit more depth of content to give a broader selection of choice and hopefully keep current subscribers interested and entertained but also attract a wide range of new subscribers. I posted up a quick video of my son Calum that was recorded on holiday basically as an experiment to guage reaction to this type of material. So far it has been very positive. Check it out and have a read of the description below the video as it plays.

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